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Ausfluxziele.de is a committed portal aiming to promote domestic tourism in Germany and make both well-known and unknown excursion destinations and leisure opportunities known throughout the country. It serves as a source of inspiration and guide to the numerous and diverse excursion and tourism destinations that Germany has to offer.

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With our experience and success story through working on Ausflugsziele.ch, significant know-how flows into Ausfluxziele.de. This enables us to create a diverse platform for tourism destinations, leisure opportunities, hotels, and restaurants, where they can present their offers and services.

The opportunity for all excursion destinations in Germany to register for free on Ausfluxziele.de is a clear sign of our belief that every destination has the potential to enthral visitors and provide an unforgettable experience.

Our vision is to further develop and expand Ausfluxziele.de. Our goal is to bring more people closer to the diversity and beauty of German landscape and culture. With a planned investment of 5 million Euros over a three-year period, we are confident in achieving these goals and making Ausfluxziele.de a leading platform for excursions and tourism in Germany.

Would you like to be part of our journey and take the discovery of Germany with Ausfluxziele.de to the next level? Let’s do it together!

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