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In the digital age, we are not merely observers but active creators. We craft unique digital experiences and offer an array of specialized portals that provide diverse opportunities for you as a user, partner, and investor.


We operate an extensive range of digital platforms. ach portal has its unique identity and specific target audience, yet they are all united by a commitment to high quality and the goal to engage and inform users with relevant and appealing content.

Our portals range from information and comparison sites to interactive communication platforms. Whether it’s leisure, tourism, lifestyle, or education – we cover a broad spectrum of interest areas and thus reach a diverse audience.

Each of our portals is the result of intense research, creative conception, and expert implementation. We are constantly striving to anticipate the digital transformation and continuously improve and further develop our portals.

Whether you are a user looking for inspiration, a partner wishing to present an offering, or an investor seeking promising projects – we invite you to discover our portals and utilize the diverse opportunities they provide.

Explore the world of H+M MEDIA AG and be inspired by the quality, creativity, and diversity of our portals.

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