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Weekendtipps.com, one of our innovative online portals, focuses on the perfect weekend. Our platform brings together a multitude of leisure offers and events, providing users with an inspiring and user-friendly resource for planning their weekends. From city trips to nature experiences to wellness stays, you’ll find the right offer for every preference with us. Dive into the world of leisure and discover the diversity that Weekendtipps.com has to offer.

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Screenshot of www.weekendtipps.com


An innovative online portal with great potential

The ideal weekend planning for adults

At Weekendtipps.com, it’s all about your weekend! As a digital portal, our goal is to provide our users with a selection of handpicked and quality-checked weekend activities and offers. Whether relaxation, adventure, or culture, we have something to suit every taste. Our platform is specifically tailored to adults who want to enrich their weekends and discover unique experiences.

As part of our broadly positioned digital family, Weekendtipps.com connects handpicked offers from our sister portals – Winterpauschalen.com, Sommerpauschalen.com, and Ausflugsziele.ch. From travel and hotels to restaurants and amusement parks, to wellness offers and shopping opportunities, we offer a wide range of options that cater to every taste.

o further enhance the attractiveness of Weekendtipps.com and meet our users’ growing need for a wider range of services, we aim to develop our platform into a dynamic interface that brings together providers from various industries. This includes travel and tourism, hospitality and accommodations, leisure and entertainment, gastronomy, outdoor and sports activities, wellness and health, as well as retail. These diverse industries will have the opportunity in the future to present their offers on our platform and reach new customer bases. With this development, Weekendtipps.com will gain in attractiveness and added value for both providers and users.

We believe in the potential of Weekendtipps.com and are convinced that it will evolve into a sustainable and successful business model. Our goal is to further expand this platform and establish it in the DACH region. Therefore, we invite investors who share our vision and want to help us successfully drive this project forward.

Ready to take the weekend to the next level with Weekendtipps.com? Let’s do it together!

Investment opportunity for Weekendtipps.com

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