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Our Commitment to Tourism

We not only offer innovative platforms for leisure and tourism opportunities but have also committed ourselves to providing relevant and timely information for these industries. For this purpose, we have launched two specialized press release portals: Tourismus-News.com and Ausflugsziele-News.com.

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Pressemitteilungsportal für Freizeitangebote und Ausflugsziele.

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Pressemitteilungen zu Unternehmensnews in der Tourismus Branche.

Free Publication of Press Releases for Companies and Institutions in the Tourism and Leisure Industry.

Our Contribution to Strengthening the Tourism and Leisure Industry through Free Press Release Portals

Tourismus-News.com is a platform specifically designed for corporate announcements in the tourism industry. Here, tourism companies and organizations can submit and publish their press releases free of charge. These announcements offer our users up-to-date and relevant information about the latest developments, trends, and offers in the tourism industry.

In contrast, Ausflugsziele-News.com is specialized in news about excursion destinations and leisure offers. This portal allows providers of excursion destinations and leisure activities to submit and publish their press releases free of charge. Through this, our users have access to the latest information and offers for exciting and inspiring excursion experiences.

For both portals, we carefully review submitted press releases to ensure they meet our high-quality standards before being approved for publication.

We firmly believe in the added value that these portals provide for both companies and users/press. They enable direct communication between providers and users/press while simultaneously offering a comprehensive overview of the latest offers and developments in their respective fields.

Through our commitment and investments in these portals, we pursue the goal of achieving a strong presence and leadership position in the digital information landscape for tourism and leisure. We are open to further partnerships and investments that assist us in expanding and strengthening this area of our business. Together, we can pave new ways in digital information dissemination.

You can easily send press releases to kontakt@hm-media.ch for publication. We’ll take care of the rest.


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