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Ausflugsziele.ch now available in over 40 languages!

Adventures and discoveries know no language boundaries, and Ausflugsziele.ch no longer knows any more! We are pleased to announce that our platform is now available in over 40 different languages. No matter whether you are a native speaker, expat, tourist or just a language enthusiast – with us you can now find information about the best places to visit in your preferred language.

This impressive variety of language options is made possible by the integration of Google Translate. With just one click, the desired content is translated simultaneously, so you can immediately access the information you need. While we must admit that machine translations are not always 100% perfect, they still provide a valuable service to reach a wider audience and accommodate our users worldwide.

The goal of Ausflugsziele.ch has always been to connect explorers from all over the world and to bring them closer to the beauty and diversity of excursion destinations. With this new translation function we are taking a big step closer to this goal.

Give the translation function a chance and discover Ausflugsziele.ch in a new language. We welcome feedback and hope that this innovation helps make your experience on our platform even better!