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Unique emojis bring Swiss excursion flair to social media!

Ausflugsziele.ch goes a creative and innovative step further! In order to present Switzerland’s diverse and unique excursion destinations even more vividly on our social media channels, we have developed a series of tailor-made emojis that were specifically designed for various excursion topics.

A visual journey through Switzerland Each emoji was designed by our team with great attention to detail and reflects the essence of the respective excursion category. Whether it’s an impressive castle, a culinary excursion or a long hike – our new emojis suit the theme:

  • An impressive knight’s helmet for castles and palaces
  • A signature hiking hat for hiking adventures
  • A stylish chef’s hat for gourmet outings
  • A protective helmet for bike tours
  • … and many more!

The idea behind it? To take our followers on a visual journey through the Swiss excursion landscape and at the same time ensure an eye-catching presentation.

Unlimited creativity There are practically no limits to the design of emojis. The only important thing is that the topic fits the respective social media post. With this innovation we would like to further promote the interaction and engagement of our community while at the same time highlighting the beauty and diversity of Swiss destinations in a new, playful way.

Stay tuned! Follow us on our social media channels and be inspired by our new emojis! Experience Switzerland in a completely new light with ausflugsziele.ch and discover new adventures every day.

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